Surly Bicycles Whangarei

Whangarei has some diverse riding and conditions. Bicycles come in many variables, but one brand stands out for versatility throughout its models, SURLY bikes.

Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand has a sub tropical environment with hot summers and wet winters, forests to beaches, with some great single track and gravel back road riding. This riding diversity, means that you need to have a versatile bike to cope with the changing situations that Whangarei, and its’ surrounding riding areas have to offer.

I have been a fan of Surly bikes for many years, starting with a 1×1, then two, a Pugsley, then two, and now I have a Karate Monkey in 650B Plus. Having ridden a Pugsley for years I became ever inclined to have Fat tyres, grip, comfort and the ability to take it on any surface appealed to my riding style. After riding the Specialized Fuse 650B plus tyred bike for a couple of months, I decided that this wheel and tyre platform was for me, fast, comfortable, reliable and once again versatile. The custom built Surly KM was born and has taken me from the top of NZ to the bottom during my month long, “Tour Aotearoa” following the Kennett Brothers route, plus enjoying the gravel and single track of our local area. Surly bicycles are built to last and be custom built to your flavour.