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Bikepacking Gear

Customizing your bike for longer days in the saddle is very important to your comfort. By changing bars, grips and saddle you can endure the big or small kms that are required to get you to your destination, day after day.

Equipment to carry your extra gear, ie; bikepacking bags are essential to your bikes handling over rough ground, enabling you to follow the path less traveled. If you are camping then you will need, shelter, sleeping and cooking gear, all within your bag system.

A bike can get you to places that other vehicles will not. Traveling by bike, carrying your own gear and arriving at your destination, brings a great sense of accomplishment and having gear that is made for the job is essential.

We carry a range of products that are up to these tasks, fitting realistic budgets and making your trip enjoyable.

It is not about the destination, it is the “Journey”.