Bicycle enthusiast Whangarei

There are many types of bicycles, riders, and styles. Where do we fit in to the bicycle themed industry?

Me, well, I’m an enthusiast, how can I call myself that? you may ask. I ride bikes, work in a bicycle shop, build Mountain bike trails, commute, basically live bikes, and have been riding, exploring, touring and building trails since 1989.

Technology within the bicycling industry has been developing at an ever increasing pace, but is it needed when cycling is supposed to be a simple experience, of getting outside for what ever reason; fitness, competition, commuting, exploring or just to have fun. As a bicycle mechanic and an enthusiast, I can honestly say that my experience with riding has taken a vastly differing turn to the technological changes that are pushed onto us, to have the latest advancements within the industry or the lightest, when most of us are just trying to have fun with our chosen sport. Riders often complain that their gear hasn’t lasted more than a few years, trying to explain that light is not durable, expensive doesn’t mean durable and most of all, IT HAS TO BE MAINTAINED to a high degree if you want your expensive, light bicycle and gear to last.

I am often asked why I ride what I do; well, it’s fun, it’s not expensive, it lasts, it is cheap to maintain, it’s fun, it’s value for money.

Now expensive, cheap and value are different things. Value is, that your hard earned cash is going to get you a product that is going to do what it is supposed to do( fit for purpose). A product that is cheap or expensive doesn’t mean it is value for money, Think about that.

Do we need these technological products to have fun with our bicycle, or are we getting caught up in the hype, that we need to have expensive, light products to have fun, I know that my fun meter is just as high, whether I am on my 26×3.0 rigid bike cruising to work or bombing trails, I have fun on what ever I ride, that’s what makes me an ENTUSIAST.