Tour Aotearoa 2018, actual ride.

This iconic ride started for me on the 26/02/2018 from Tapotapota camp near Cape Reinga. I was dropped off at Tapotapota camp ground about 2 pm, the day before my start, by friends, Steve and Rachel. It was time to set up camp and wander around this beautiful area. The tide was coming in, as I watched the small sprats dart in over the shallows of the estuary, the soft sand bubbled and consumed my feet as I walked out towards the coastal breakers. The cool waters soothed my soul, as I pondered what I had got myself into. Riders were setting up camp as they filed in, one, two, three at a time, the afternoon was slowly turning to night as the mosquito’s mauled my exposed flesh, they were relentless, so into my hammock for an early night. It will be an early start for me tomorrow, as I have a 6km ride up hill to the start.

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