Solar and Dynamo recharging units for the outdoors

 A freshly built wheel for a customer who is cycle touring in Europe next year. A SP Dynamo hub, model SD-8 which produces 6V3W of power. These systems are used to charge electronic devices or run lights while cycling and are essential in today’s electronic world. The Dynamos come in a variety of hub configurations to suit your current touring bicycle.

The wheel was built using Wheelsmith double butted spokes, DT brass Prolock nipples and a WTB 26 inch rim that had traveled from the top of Alaska to Vancouver and from West to East coasts of Canada. The wheel spokes are tension balanced on both sides, to give reliability. The original wheel had traveled nearly 5000 kms and had never been trued.

I also have the solar chargers that can recharge your phone, one and a half times from a full charge. This Solar unit can also be charged from a computer, then used to charge your device when out in remote areas that have no charging options. These units are light and are great for Bicycling, tramping and hunting.

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